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Blue Thunder is a prime portal for premium men’s performance supplements aimed at improving your health and quality of life. We’ve spent more than a decade researching and perfecting our supplement formulas to ensure that you only get the best quality products and the best results. Each supplement, from our flagship supplement product, to our premium performance boosters, are made with the same trademark quality that made Blue Thunder a renowned brand in the supplement industry.
Our History
Blue Thunder began with a core team of professionals, each an expert of their respective fields, working together to create a revolutionary men’s performance formula. Through research and development, we created some of the industry’s most outstanding supplement products, and with the success of our pioneer products, we expanded our offerings to include highly-specialized supplement products for specific health targets.
Brand you can trust
Blue Thunder delivers beyond the typical supplement brand – our brand is dedicated to deliver satisfaction and performance with every serving. For your peace of mind, every purchase is covered by our satisfaction guarantee – get the results you want or 100% of your money back!
Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder is a revolutionary men’s performance supplement made with premium ingredients and standardized extracts that help improve your masculine attributes, including your energy and athletic performance.
Size XL
Size XL is an advanced performance support supplement with high-potency extracts and advanced natural blends that help maximize muscle performance, energy, mood, and drive.
Bio Blast Pro
Bio Blast Pro is a cutting-edge drive booster made with natural ingredients that help enhance drive and athletic performance, while maximizing nutrient absorption to accelerate results
Red Rush Extreme
Red Rush Extreme is a revolutionary nitric oxide booster made with superior L-Arginine compounds intended to enhance blood flow, muscle recovery, strength, and stamina.
Combo Packages
1 Month Plus
Blue Thunder + Size XL + Bio Blast Pro
3 Month Plus
Blue Thunder + Size XL + Bio Blast Pro